Fresh PRS Arrivals: June 2024

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Explore the latest in guitar craftsmanship from PRS Guitars at RiverCity Music Store in Salem, Oregon. This month, we're excited to introduce a stunning lineup of models that blend exceptional quality with innovative design, perfect for musicians of all levels.

Featured Models:

PRS SE Silver Sky John Mayer
Designed in collaboration with the legendary John Mayer, the PRS SE Silver Sky combines vintage vibes with modern playability. Its classic single-coil tones and sleek design make it a must-have for any guitarist seeking both style and substance.

Experience the versatility and performance of the PRS SE CE24. With its comfortable body shape, robust build, and wide range of tonal options, this model is ideal for players who need a reliable workhorse guitar for any genre.

PRS SE CE24 Satin
For those who crave a unique finish, the PRS SE CE24 Satin delivers. Its smooth, satin-finished body not only looks stunning but also offers a distinct feel that enhances playability. This guitar is perfect for musicians who want both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence.

PRS SE DGT Signature
Crafted to the specifications of renowned guitarist David Grissom, the PRS SE DGT Signature model is a powerhouse of tone and versatility. With its premium features and meticulous attention to detail, this guitar is designed to meet the demands of professional players.

Discover the impeccable craftsmanship and unmatched performance of these new arrivals. Whether you're looking for a classic sound, modern innovation, or a signature model, our June 2024 PRS collection has something for every guitarist. Don't miss out on adding one of these exceptional instruments to your repertoire.

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