Peter Ellis

Peter is available for private lessons in bass, drums, flute, and saxophone.
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about peter

Five-year-old Peter was less-than-pleased when he found out his parents were going to make him take piano lessons. Four years later, he would pick up a flute in 5th grade band, a saxophone the next year, and a pair of drumsticks whenever he got the chance.

Growing up in church meant plenty of opportunities to exercise his growing passion for music, while school bands and music classes helped build out his knowledge base and proficiency. Once in college, he jumped on every musical opportunity he could find, from official school programs (jazz band, choir, orchestra, etc.) to beach parties and dorm room jams.

In 2017, he formed the band The Ferenjis with friends Jason, Trevor, and RiverCity's own Andrew Norman, in which he plays bass, drums, sax, flute, and anything else he can get his hands on.

Peter believes there is value in understanding music theory, but knows that heart, artistry, and a playful, creative attitude are what bring music to life. There is something beautiful in every musical style, genre, and taste, and Peter is beyond thrilled to be able to help learning musicians find that beauty for themselves.

Peter began working at RiverCity in 2020 and is available for lessons in bass, drums, flute, and saxophone.