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Spring 2023 Violin Workshop

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8-Week long workshop
Dates: April 7th - May 26th
Every Friday 4:30-5:15 PM
Ages 6-12 
Instructor: Erin Carey

This class welcomes students with elementary violin experience. We begin the class with a review of the songs "Mary Had A Little Lamb", "Hot Cross Buns" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".  Together we will learn basic note-reading skills, listening exercises, and learn new songs in different musical styles such as classical and fiddle tunes. These lessons can be catered to individual student’s interests.
Learning objectives include the following:
  • Continuing to learn violin posture
  • Singing musical phrases
  • Learn new rhythms
  • Games
  • Play as an ensemble
  • Performance
  • And more!
Parents are welcome and encouraged to join us and observe the class.
There are no prerequisites or auditions to participate in this class.

NOTE: It is recommended that students wait until after the first class to obtain an instrument. Each student will be measured at the first class and will receive information about renting an instrument at that time.