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  • Close proximity to food and other stores. Several restaurants including a brewery within walking distance.
  • Usable gear stocked in most rooms. (Drums, amps, keyboards, etc.)
  • Properly grounded power and many outlets available.
  • Convenient onsite retail store, including in-house repair tech available for service orders.
  • Level-grounded load-in for all entrances/access points.
  • Central heating and AC in all rooms.
  • Sound dampening installed in most rooms.
  • Seating and lounging areas available.
  • Secured location with 24 Hour video surveillance.

Please be aware of the time. Please be aware of time by allowing yourself time to pack and clean up by the designated exit time. Do not enter rooms before the designated time as there may be other lessons or rehearsals booked before and/or after you. Time(s) scheduled may be subject to change based on scheduled individual or group lessons, and/or scheduled private events located at the academy.

No smoking inside. No alcohol, marijuana, or illegal substances allowed. Smoking, Vaping, and/or use of tobacco products is not permitted anywhere inside the building, or within 20 feet of any entrances. The designated smoking area is located in the rear parking area. Please dispose of cigarette butts in proper disposal container located at the back of the building. Please leave all alcohol, marijuana, and illegal substances at home or in your own vehicle.

Equipment use & issues. Music gear in the studio is available to reserve or use upon request. Do not move any gear from the room you are using or remove from any other rooms. Please request needed items in advance. This will require assistance and approval from authorized staff. Please leave the studio in the condition that it was in before use. 

If equipment is not working or having issues, please let the staff on duty know immediately. 

If you do not know how to work the PA system or need assistance with it please let the staff on duty know so that they can help you.

Housekeeping. Please do not leave any personal belongings or equipment anywhere in the studio, including bathrooms and lounge areas. Renter is responsible for general clean-up and proper disposal of all items they bring to the premises. Large or unreasonable messes, as determined by RiverCity Rock Star Academy, left uncleaned may result in additional cleaning fees at a minimum $25.00 per incident. A higher fee may be charged if the cost of cleaning carpets, walls, or equipment is deemed necessary. 

Please be respectful. This is a community space that we have worked hard to maintain. Please be gentle to our equipment and respectful to staff and others in the building. Guests are permitted as long as they behave in a respectful manner and in accordance with all rules and expectations. Renter and/or guest(s) are asked not to wander around the building and to remain in rented studio space or lounge/lobby area. Renter is solely responsible for the actions of his/her fellow musicians and/or guests at all times. Renter may not use rental time to teach or charge for any service.

Parking. Parking is available in the parking lot at the front of the building. If you need to unload or load, there are garage doors in the back of the building that are available for easy loading. Please do not use neighboring parking lots.


Booking & Scheduling. You can book rehearsal time by calling us, or emailing us with details of your best day(s) and time(s) of the week available, or by registering through our website online. A staff member will schedule you based on the availability of the studio space. When booking studio space, please make sure this time works for your group and that you will be able to arrive on time and leave on time, as there may be a band or rehearsal booked before or after your scheduled time. In addition, a RiverCity Rock Star Academy staff member must be on premises for the duration of rental time.

Studio rental may be canceled or rescheduled via phone or email with at least 24 hours notice of scheduled rehearsal time. If a cancellation is arranged after rent has been paid, the balance will be applied towards the following month (no refunds).  With less than 24 hours notice, the scheduled rental time may be canceled, but will not be credited for the canceled studio time. 

Additional time(s) and day(s) may be reserved by request. Additional rental time(s) and day(s) must be scheduled and approved by an authorized RiverCity Rock Star Academy agent or staff member, and will be subject to additional rental fees.

Billing. All studio rentals are billed each month for 1 full calendar month of weekly scheduled rehearsals of 1 or more hour(s) per week. Automatic payments will be processed within RiverCity Rock Star Academy’s website at standard rental rates. Renter is subject to additional billing for day(s) and time(s) requested outside of originally scheduled use of the academy.

Studio rental rate for an individual (one) person is $25 per hour, or $100 per month. Room(s) will be selected based on intended use of rental space.

Studio rental rate for a group (2-8 individuals) is $45 per hour, or $180 per month. Room(s) will be selected based on intended use of rental space. 

Liability & Damage. RiverCity Rock Star Academy LLC shall not be liable for any loss, theft, or damage to property or business or injury to or death of Renter or its guests, on or about the premises.

In the event of damages caused by Renter, Renter shall pay the current replacement cost, or the cost to repair said damaged items, or damage to studio.

Future policy changes. RiverCity Rock Star Academy LLC reserves the right to change the above policies at any time to reflect the needs and concerns of the studio, community, and resident companies.  Renters will be informed of changes to rental policies.