Brandon is available for private guitar, saxophone, and bass lessons. He is also an instructor for the teenage Rockers Program, which accepts students ages 12-18.

Brandon Logan started his musical journey as a child singing and noise-making. Country and 70s Rock were an everyday request as a young listener. Brandon grew up listening to greats like Vince Gill, Eagles, Journey, Bad Company, The Grateful Dead, and many more. Quickly a love for all styles of music developed.

A recorder, and shortly after a saxophone, were the first real instruments Brandon got after a childhood of playing every toy instrument possible. Much like music, his appreciation for all instruments quickly grew. At age 13 Brandon received his first guitar and a year later his first electric guitar. With an obvious drive for music, at age 16 he started private guitar lessons at ABC Music with Gary Meizer. As a teenager many bands and jams were formed, and as a young adult he joined the local music scene with bands including Groovology, Garage Band Blues, Reggae Rockers, Blue Evolution, Still Water Vibes, Groove Thief, Rich McCloud, Gabe Cox, and others. Currently Brandon plays with Johnny Wheels and the Swamp Donkeys and the Nikki Jones Band.

Brandon loves teaching all styles of music to all ages and skill levels. With a strong passion for Blues, Rock and Country, he excels at teaching improv, jamming, playing with others, playing live, ear-training, CAGED system, and beginning to intermediate music theory.


We teach acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, vocals, drums, ukulele, bass, violin, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, percussion, songwriting, music production, recording, music theory, singing, musical theatre and more- for all levels, styles, and ages in the Salem and Keizer area.