Pro Shop Team


about dan

Dan began his musical journey playing the saxophone in the 5th grade and continued through high school, picking up guitar, bass, banjo, drums, and ukulele along the way. After high school, Dan graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Tempe, Arizona, with an emphasis in Audio Engineering.  Dan previously played drums and guitar in local bands Easterly, Believing in June, and Bendixon.  He now focuses on his solo recording project entitled ‘Pace Arrow’. Prior to joining RiverCity Rock Star Academy as part of the Pro Shop team in November of 2021, Dan was the store manager of ABC Music in Downtown Salem for 18 years. In addition to his musical endeavors, Dan is an avid runner and can be found every day hitting the sidewalks and parks of Salem. He has found that musical developments and breakthroughs always seem to happen after the point where you want to give up but persevere instead.