instructor & live show production

Doug Hoffman

Doug is available for private lessons in drums, live sound, and stage craft.
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about doug

Doug believes that actions speak louder than words. His dedication to musical endeavors runs deeper than any other passion. It began when he started playing drums over 25 years ago. This led him along the path from lessons and rehearsing alone, to school band and into the world of live performance, cooperation and the teamwork required to be in contemporary music groups. Some groups he’s formed and played drums for are The Widgets, Office Diving, Massive Moth, The Apheliotropic Orchestra, Kevin Rafn, Omegatone, Mouth, SDM, Monoplane, and currently City of Pieces.

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Doug also has a Degree in Live Show Production and Touring from Full Sail University. His focus is on producing live music performances, sound engineering, and promotions in Salem and the surrounding areas. Some venues and productions he has worked on and continues to work with include former co-owner and operator of The Space Concert Club, The Great Idea at Enchanted Forest, Sons of Salem on 105.5 FM The Moon of Salem, Salem Sunday Streets, Cherry City Music Festival, The Grand Theatre, Gilgamesh Lounge, The Governor’s Cup, Brown’s Town Lounge, Kraftworks, Taproot, Ike Box, Boon’s Treasury, and RiverCity Rock Star Academy since 2016!

Doug is available for lessons and is currently teaching the Young Rockers and Renegade programs