Jim Fouty

Jim is available for private guitar or bass lessons. He is also one of the lead teachers for our Young Rockers Program, which is for ages 8-12.

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About Jim

Jim Fouty got his start at 12-years-old teaching himself to play along to the guitar tablature books of various bands from the 60s-90s. Along the way Jim has honed his guitar techniques, tone, and sound manipulations.

With a wide variety of musical tastes from Aphex Twin to The Velvet Underground, his motto is “There is no genre of music that can be entirely dismissed.” He believes that every true music lover can find love and respect for the “Jimi Hendrix” of Bulgarian New Wave Polka.

Jim has also spent the last 22 years collecting vintage 50's, 60's and 70's vinyl records, spending hours digging for the rarest of rare LP or 45.

As a composer, he has had opportunities to work with publishing companies from Los Angeles to London, who have licensed his music for use in worldwide television advertising campaigns, numerous feature/short films, and web ads. In various bands and on multiple record labels, Jim has played everything from Indie Rock, Post Rock, Ambient, Modern Classical, and Heavy Psychedelic Blues.