Instructor & Electronics Engineer

Kyle Gray

Kyle is an electronics engineer that does amp and electronics repair!
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about Kyle

Kyle has beenplaying guitar for over 20 years. While dabbling in bands and musical projects over the years, he developed a deep admiration for the creativity and dedication needed to make music. His love of sound evolved into a lifelong quest to study its components and eventually led him to a career in electronics. From amateur radio to analog synthesizers, Kyle loves all things electronics - especially the kinds that make noise. Kyle is passionate about encouraging collaboration in live music, seeing it as a common language for expression. He enjoys making music education accessible, allowing people to learn and grow by working with others. He relishes any opportunityto combine his love of teaching and electronics and spends a majority of his time designing, testing, troubleshooting, and tinkering with various projects. Kyle moonlights as an electrical engineer when he’s not working in the amp repair shop or teaching the Rebels program with RCRSA.