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liz brock

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about liz

Liz lives in Salem, Oregon and is an active member of the local music scene. She grew up learning how to use percussive instruments and playing the marimba with her father. As a small child she enjoyed going to festivals, parades, concerts, and recitals. She began learning violin at the age of 10 and continued classical training through orchestras in Salem and Corvallis, as well as Youth Symphony during high school. Her diverse taste in music influenced her to play in various styles such as folk, bluegrass, alternative, electronic, and post rock. She is currently a part of the band M.A.R.C. & The Horsejerks and has been involved in several other musical endeavors in the local Salem area. While Liz is a skilled musician, she does not currently teach lessons.

Liz began working with the RiverCity team in 2018. She currently specializes in billing and payment tracking at RiverCity Rock Star Academy, as well as our Human Resources department.