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Mackenzie is available for private lessons on Piano, Voice, Bass, and Guitar.

From an early age, Mackenzie fell in love with piano after sitting with her mom on the piano bench and watching her play. Mackenzie began to learn how to play songs she heard on the radio by ear on the piano, which then translated to teaching herself how to play guitar, ukulele, and sing. Mackenzie took private lessons for classical piano intermittently until high school, where she studied at RiverCity under former teacher, Connor Soejoto. Under Connor’s direction, she focused on combining her self taught piano experience with her classical background, focusing on improvisation, Jazz, Rock, and Contemporary piano styles, and music theory. Additionally, Mackenzie studied Rock, Contemporary, Musical Theater, and Bel Canto styles of singing with Connor. Mackenzie is an alumni of the Royals, Rockers, and Legends of Rock programs at RiverCity, and has also studied under RiverCity instructors Jarred Venti, Topher Rodriguez, and former teacher, Rebecca Mcdade.

In August of 2021, Mackenzie received her Associates of Arts Transfer Degree from Chemeketa Community College with an emphasis on Music and Psychology. Mackenzie is a current Junior at Western Oregon University, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree with a concentration in K-12 Education. While at Western Oregon University, she has performed with both the Chamber and Concert Choir ensembles as a vocalist and percussionist, as well as the Western Oregon Voices jazz ensemble as a vocalist and arranger. Mackenzie considers getting to perform Brahms’ “Requiem” with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in June of 2023 one of her most cherished collegiate experiences.

Mackenzie has served as a community pianist, vocalist, guitarist, and bassist for 5 years. Mackenzie served as the contemporary service pianist at St John’s Lutheran Church from 2018-2019, and was a substitute pianist, vocalist, and guitarist at Salem Presbyterian Church from 2018-2020. Mackenzie has also been involved in several local music projects, including but not limited to: Jarred Venti’s Narcissistic Birthday Band, B-Roll, Dutch Brothers 300th Store opening party, The Space’s Pop Punk and Emo Tribute show, Infinity Room’s Pop Punk and Emo Tribute Show, and her personal project Intricate Rituals. Mackenzie currently plays keys and sings for the Salem band Flares with RiverCIty’s instructor Rio Solano, and alumni Hunter Winnen and Isaac King. Mackenzie has also been an ensemble member for community theater shows “9 to 5" and “Island Song”.

Mackenzie currently teaches the Young Rockers program, and has previously taught with the Rebels, Rockers and Pop Rocks programs. Mackenzie is available for Piano, Voice, Bass, and Guitar Lessons.


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acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, vocals, drums, ukulele, bass, violin, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, percussion, songwriting, music production, recording, music theory, singing, musical theatre and more!

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