Nicholas McKinley

Nicholas is available for private lessons on guitar, bass, and drums.
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about Nick

Nick McKinley is originally from Southern Illinois near St. Louis and made his way through Tampa (FL), Nashville (TN), the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Colorado Springs, and eventually to Salem. Nick began playing music during his teen years and played in a three-piece band while living in Michigan. Soon after he experienced his first “Rock Camp” and joined a band with a group of friends when living in Nashville. The musical experience left him with a deep love for musical workshops and group jam settings.

Nick’s main musical passions are Rock, Blues, and Metal, however he also has an eclectic taste from years of playing with diverse people from all over the country. He believes there is something to love in every genre. Nick also believe in hard work and practice to shine above talent, and that to be well-rounded musicians may need to play outside their preferred musical genre for some time while learning the ropes.

Nick is available to teach drums, guitar and bass.