Nick is available for private lessons for drums & guitar.
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about nick

Nick began his journey on the drums just as many others have, as a young child banging on pots and pans. It was when he was in middle school that along with his friend Taner Jones, he began his exciting quest in becoming a working and experienced drummer that he is today.

Eleven years later Nick has played in several bands around town, most currently Mandrake and Wild Ire with fellow teacher Jesse Palmer. Nick has also competed in several drum-off competitions including Guitar Center's national drum-off in Los Angeles in 2016.

Nick says drums are the essence in music that keeps us close to the foundation of rhythm and the connection to our most primitive selves.

Nick joined the RiverCity family in 2019. Beyond the drums, Nick is also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and plays guitar, and bass is available for lessons. Nick also teaches the Rockers, Rebels, and Renegades programs.