Robert Stephens

Robert is available for private lessons on Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ukulele, Audio Production, Brass & Woodwinds
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about Rob

Robert began playing music at seven years old when he got his first clarinet and started playing for school. He was classically trained from middle school and into high school and studied jazz at the same time. During those years he went to a gauntlet of instruments, learning to play bass clarinet, the family of saxophones, trumpet, trombone, tuba, marching snare, drums/percussion, guitar and finally the bass guitar. The bass guitar quickly became his primary instrument. When he reached college, Robert studied big band jazz and Latin styles of music through the Orquestra Brasil. His first band that was writing original songs started in the 8th grade and took off in high school with The Hornswogglers, a punk rock group that was heavily inspired by the band Green Day. Robert began teaching at Guitar Center where he spent four years teaching before coming to RiverCity Rock Star Academy. He began work as a studio musician at the same time he began teaching, mostly laying tracks for independent artists that need extra instrumentation. He is still active as a writing musician with two current bands, Acting Captain and Boundless Joy.