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The Royals Performance Group is a skill and experience-based, audition-only program for advanced students aged 14-20. As a member of the Royals, students are ‘ambassadors’ for RiverCity Rock Star Academy and should represent the school at the highest level. Royals students must be self-driven, self-directed and able to learn challenging songs in a short timeframe. This program is designed to give students the experience of a real working band and to further excel their confidence and passion for music.

Students of the Royals performance group will perform outside of RiverCity when the opportunity arises, in addition to the performance shows (mid-term and end of season). Although we realize students and families have other commitments and obligations, Royal students should commit to participating with the Royals for two seasons, after which auditions will be held again. This is important for consistent band structure, bonding with bandmates, perfecting songs, gig participation, etc. If a student leaves the group early, before their 6-month commitment is up, it is extremely detrimental to the program.

Students interested in the Royals performance group must audition. Students may audition for guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, or vocals. Students should audition on their main instrument, however those chosen for the Royals group will have the opportunity to be casted on songs for other instruments. A limited number of students will be selected based on knowledge and experience on their chosen instrument for the audition, as well as a positive attitude and enthusiasm for being part of this special group of performers.



Once selected for this program, students will have the opportunity to learn and perform a vast catalog of material from various genres. Also, this season, a segment of rehearsals will be dedicated to writing and arranging original songs as a band. Students in the Royals performance group meet for weekly rehearsals Thursday nights from 7:00-9:00pm, and additional or extended agreed-upon rehearsal times as needed, Royals who are 17 and under at time of audition must be enrolled in a Rockers program which includes a weekly private lesson and additional weekly rehearsal. For students enrolled in the Rockers program there is no additional program tuition fee for being a member of the Royals program.

Royals students are expected to attend and be on time to all rehearsals, performances and lessons, unless arranged with the Music Director in advance. Students must have available transportation to/from all rehearsals and to/from all performances. Students will be expected to be prepared to run through their songs each week. Royals must maintain a working knowledge of their songs and perform at scheduled shows as requested by the Music Director. Any student who misses more than one rehearsal or scheduled performance (after availability confirmed and commitment made) without previous agreed-upon arrangements with the Music Director, may be taken off a song or may have their chosen song cut.

Parents of those auditioning must also support and agree to the commitment of being in the Royals performance group.



Auditions occur on a seasonal basis. Contact River City at 503-689-8372 or info@rocksalem.com for upcoming dates.


Students will be required to learn one song of their choice from the following options (see below) on their chosen primary instrument/vocals. This song will be performed with teachers on the other instruments, no accompanying track. All instruments heard in the recording may not be present at time of audition.


Songs for the upcoming auditions will be updated prior to the next audition cycle.

  • Students will audition for their chosen instrument, with RiverCity instructors on the other instruments. Students will be judged by the Royals Music Director and RiverCity instructors on their performance, as well as preparation, skill, attitude, and adaptability. Please reference original studio versions of these songs, as linked above.


  • Students will present an original idea on their instrument. It can be a riff, a chord progression, a melody, a drum beat, a bassline, lyrics, or any combination of the above.


  • Auditions for the Royals Performance Group are open to anyone (between ages of 14-20), including brand new students to RiverCity. Younger students may audition with permission of the music director.

Ready to audition?


The following rules apply to all Royals, and especially those who are also participating in the Rockers program. Please read through the Royals Rules before proceeding to the audition form at the bottom of the page.


You are not only in Royals because you can play your instrument well. You all have put in a lot of work and a lot of time into your craft to be able to do what you do. As Royals, you are ambassadors of RiverCity, and you are learning how to be a professional musician. For those of you in a ROCKERS program, you will be looked up to by your peers. It is your job to set an example for your fellow Rockers bandmates, and to be an inspiration for what they can achieve if they work hard. This is part of being a professional.


You are not going to like every song you play. This program is about the group, not the individual. Pay your dues playing the songs you don’t like, and enjoy the songs you do like. Negativity is not acceptable.


Treat your bandmates and instructors with respect and humility at all times. Rather than thinking about how your bandmates could be better, think about how YOU could be better.


Maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude is 100% in your hands, and is extremely important and necessary.


Play your songs and parts as instructed. If you have other ideas, or disagreements with the way you are taught a part, approach your instructor respectfully with your thoughts. At the end of the day, do what your instructors instruct. Remember, this is an academy, and you are here to learn.


After you have considered all of the above, get in there and play your heart out. Give every song 100%, every time.