Celebrating Small Business Saturday at RiverCity Music Store

Celebrating Small Business Saturday at RiverCity Music Store - RiverCity Rock Star Academy Music Store

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This Small Business Saturday, RiverCity Music Store stands proud as a testament to the power of local, family-owned businesses in enriching our Salem community. Since 2015, we have embraced the belief that everyone is a musician, regardless of age, skill, or musical interest. Our small size is our strength, allowing us to focus on long-term impacts and nurturing relationships.


Why is Small Business Saturday Important?

Our vision for RiverCity was to offer something different for the Salem community: a performance-based music school, a concept thriving in other cities. Starting small, with a core set of values and a long-term mission, we've strived to genuinely live our values and mission, keeping things simple and focused on doing the right thing every day.


Small Business Saturday is vital for businesses like ours. In a landscape where mega-corporations and private equity-owned entities, often detached from community, customer, and employee welfare, dominate, it's essential for local, family-owned businesses to receive community support. These businesses, unlike their massive counterparts, face incredible pressures yet remain committed to their communities.


Despite the hurdles of COVID-19, inflation, supply chain issues, local forest fires, and personal setbacks like a fire at our studio, a flood, thefts, and the need for relocation and remodeling, we stand resilient. This strength comes from the solidarity of other small and family businesses and individuals who recognize and uphold the values of community support and practice what they preach. This collective resilience has not only sustained us but has made us stronger than ever.

Try To Do The Right Thing

small-business-started-in 2015
small-business-started-in 2015

Music Music Music & More Music!

At RiverCity Music Store, we've hit a high note in delivering exceptional music education to the Salem community. With over 1,360 songs performed live, our students have showcased their talents in Salem, Portland, and throughout the Willamette Valley, making us a beacon of musical expression and learning.


Since our inception, we've had the privilege of teaching over 1,213 students, encompassing kids, teens, and adults. Our approach to music lessons goes beyond just the notes and instruments. We emphasize performance-based learning, offering our students the unique opportunity to experience the thrill of live performance. This hands-on approach transforms learning into an exciting and fulfilling journey.


Our dedicated teachers, many actively participating in local bands, bring an unmatched passion for music and community to every lesson. They infuse each class with their real-world experience and enthusiasm, nurturing not just musicians, but well-rounded individuals who appreciate the art of music. Their commitment is reflected in our students' achievements, from those picking up an instrument for the first time to seasoned performers refining their skills.


At RiverCity, music is more than a lesson; it's an adventure in creativity, self-expression, and community building. Join us this Small Business Saturday to celebrate the joy of music and the vibrant community we've built together.

A Symphony of Success Song After Song


Music Everywhere and For Everyone


At RiverCity, we see ourselves as more than just a music school and store; we're a vital community music hub where ideas come to life through action. Our deep commitment to the Salem community is exemplified by our lead role in organizing "Make Music Salem," Oregon's largest free music festival. This event is a celebration of music's universal language, bringing together diverse talents and fostering a sense of unity and strength through music.


Our dedication extends beyond organizing events. We have contributed and raised over $100,000 in scholarships and support, emphasizing our belief in the transformative power of music education. By partnering with others, we ensure that the joy and benefits of music are accessible to everyone in our community. This effort not only nurtures budding musicians but also reinforces our commitment to inclusivity and support for all aspiring artists.


This commitment to our students, families, and community partners is the cornerstone of our philosophy at RiverCity. We believe that music is a shared language that transcends barriers, uniting and strengthening us as a community. Our actions reflect our core belief in the power of music to create positive change, foster connections, and build a stronger, more vibrant community.

Salem-Keizer Community First Always


Different By Design - Join Us

This Small Business Saturday, we invite you to experience the RiverCity difference. Whether starting your musical journey, seeking the perfect instrument, or looking for a community of music lovers, you'll find a welcoming home with us. Let’s celebrate the spirit of small businesses and the joy of music together!


Think Small Business Saturday - Make A Big Difference Tomorrow

We appreciate your support. Please support other Salem and Keizer small businesses on Small Business Saturday. Our Black Friday - Shop Small Business - Cyber Monday Specials will continue through December 3rd.

If you would like, consider wearing your RiverCity gear and think about our fire shirt, where the proceeds go to support adult music scholarships.