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Embarking on your 20s brings a world of opportunities and challenges, whether you're stepping out of high school, navigating the early stages of your career, or even exploring life beyond college. Are you passionate about music and dreaming of starting a band, but unsure where to start? Maybe you're juggling a job, considering your next steps post-graduation, or simply looking for a meaningful way to connect with others over a shared love for music. If this strikes a chord with you, the Rebels program at RiverCity Rock Star Academy is your perfect jam session. Designed for young adults from all walks of life in the Salem-Keizer area, our program offers an exciting and affordable way to learn, play, and thrive in a band setting, regardless of your educational background or current life chapter. This is the only type of adult music class that is focused and tailored for people in their 20s because we think music should be part of people's lives regardless of their age. It is right here in Salem, Oregon, surrounded by some of the most creative and musically talented communities from Eugene to Portland. Our goal is simple: we want more people to learn how to start a band and actually start playing music for years to come. Make your Thursday nights for 12 weeks in 2024 something special.

How To Start a Band The Right Way

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The main issue facing many young adult musicians revolves around the challenge of feeling out of sync with the prevailing local music scene. This disconnect becomes noticeable when we consider 20-year-old musicians seeking comfort and connection in distinct genres such as classic rock, heavy metal, indie pop, etc.

Add to the mix finding a place to rehearse, getting gigs lined up, trying to coordinate schedules, and all the fun of a group project dynamics makes it so hard to even have a first rehearsal. Our job at RiverCity is to facilitate the entire experience and provide you professional and seasoned musicians with a positive and supportive attitude so you can have fun and also not feel all of the pressure of trying to make a band work and keep some friends in the process. 

However, locating a like-minded community that wholeheartedly appreciates and resonates with these musical preferences within the local music circles can be an arduous quest. These differences in musical taste and understanding are where our Rebels program comes in with purpose. 

What Is the Rebels Program?

Rebels is a unique offering from RiverCity Rock Star Academy in Salem, Oregon. It’s a program tailored for young adult musicians of all abilities looking to learn how to start a band and then be able to play in a band. It's more than just a class; it's a gateway to joining a band, honing your skills, and networking with fellow musicians who share your passion. It seeks to address this very gap by providing a safe space for musicians who feel their musical interests diverge from the mainstream. Whether one's passion lies in classic rock's timeless melodies or heavy metal's unbridled intensity, Rebels serves as a nurturing ground where diverse musical interests aren't merely acknowledged but actively celebrated.

At its core, this program is much more than the mere act of playing music; it's about finding community. It's a space where diverse musical interests and identities are not just accepted but applauded. Rebels offer a departure from the confinements of conventional music scenes, fostering connections among kindred spirits who share a common enthusiasm. Here, the platform empowers young adult musicians, encouraging them to explore their musical expressions without inhibition, creating an environment where individuality flourishes.

What We Offer:

  • Weekly Band Rehearsals: The essence of Rebels lies in its 2-hour weekly band rehearsals, providing a comfortable and supportive environment for young musicians to learn the dynamics of playing in a band. These sessions emphasize the importance of teamwork and collaboration, allowing participants to explore their musical abilities within a group setting. Alongside refining their technical skills, participants also gain insights into stage presence essentials and showmanship. They learn to engage an audience effectively while also understanding the nuances of stage etiquette, ensuring a cohesive and polished performance. These rehearsals nurture musicianship and the interpersonal skills necessary for a harmonious band experience, preparing participants for a well-rounded musical journey. Join our 2-hour sessions each week in our professional studio, where you can collaborate, experiment, and create music with fellow musicians.  Our studio serves as the melting pot of creativity, offering a space to blend talents, exchange ideas, and forge connections that transcend boundaries, enriching your musical experience. We also encourage multiple instrument learning, original songwriting, and achieving your personal and musical goals.
  • Private Lessons: Complementing the group sessions are the weekly 30-minute private lessons. These lessons provide a tailored opportunity for participants to refine their musical journey according to their individual aspirations. These personalized sessions are crafted to align with each musician's goals, focusing on their chosen instrument. Whether it's perfecting guitar solos, honing drum fills, refining vocal techniques, or mastering intricate basslines, these private lessons cater to the specific musical aspirations and needs of each participant.
  • At RiverCity we have the best instructors that are real working musicians that are big part of the music scene in the Northwest. They teach because they are passionate about music and what we try to accomplish at RiverCity  which is giving people of all ages the ability to play music for a lifetime regardless of their skill level. The instructors provide personalized guidance and direction and work closely with participants, understanding their musical interests and skill levels to curate a lesson plan that resonates with their individual journey. This personalized instruction ensures that participants receive targeted guidance and support, enabling them to progress at their own pace while honing the skills essential to their musical development.
  • Through these private lessons, participants experience a tailored musical education that aligns with their interests and needs, empowering them to evolve as musicians in their chosen domain. It's a personalized roadmap toward musical proficiency, ensuring that each participant receives the attention and guidance necessary to flourish on their musical instrument of choice.
  • Live Performances: Rebels program participants are offered the opportunity to shine through two live performances within their 12-week musical journey. These showcases serve as platforms for musicians to exhibit the hard work and skills they've honed during rehearsals and private lessons. Whether in cozy local spots or larger venues within the Salem-Keizer area, these performances enable participants to translate their learning into captivating live shows. Beyond showcasing musical prowess, these events nurture confidence and stage presence, validating the dedication and growth achieved within the program. These live showcases signify a significant milestone, empowering participants to share their musical talents, celebrate their progress, and embark confidently on continued musical endeavors extending beyond the program's scope.
  • Supportive Environment: RiverCity provides a nurturing and vibrant environment to all young adults in their 20s in the Salem-Keizer area, fostering a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere where musicians confidently take their next steps in their musical journey. It's more than a program; it's a community-driven haven celebrating individuality and creativity. With professional guidance and a focus on fun, RiverCity encourages exploration and growth, nurturing not just technical skills but also a passion for music. Here, mentors create a sense of belonging, fostering lasting connections and building confidence to navigate the music industry's diverse landscape. It's a safe, inclusive space where every musician feels empowered to embrace their unique musical path with enthusiasm and assurance.
  • Why Rebels Is Different

  • Tailored for Young Adults: Rebels stands out by being specifically tailored for individuals in their 20s, such as college students, offering an environment perfectly suited for musicians at this age. It's more than a music program; it's a community curated for young adults looking to explore their musical passions. Rebels recognizes the unique needs and interests of this age group, providing a platform to meet like-minded peers who share a love for music. It's an ideal setting where individuals can forge connections, collaborate, and grow together, creating a network of fellow musicians on a similar journey. By focusing on this specific demographic, Rebels fosters a sense of camaraderie and understanding among participants, ensuring an environment that resonates with the aspirations and energy of young adults diving into the world of music.
  • Affordable and Accessible: Rebels goes beyond just being tailored for young adults; it's also designed to be accessible and affordable. We understand the financial constraints often faced by individuals in their 20s, and that's why we've taken a proactive step by discounting this program by approximately 45%. This reduction isn't just about numbers; it's about making music education accessible to those who might otherwise find it financially challenging, especially for those currently enrolled in colleges and universities or have other financial commitments. By significantly lowering the cost, Rebels ensures that aspiring musicians in their 20s can access high-quality musical training, mentorship, and performance opportunities without excessive financial burden. This discount is our commitment to fostering inclusivity and ensuring that passionate individuals can pursue their musical dreams without worrying about financial barriers.
  • Focused on Your Music: Rebels is a program centered on your musical passions. Regardless of whether your heart beats to the rhythm of rock, finds solace in the intensity of metal, or resonates with any other genre close to your soul, Rebels is dedicated to fostering your love for that music. It's not just about playing the right notes; it's about embracing the music that ignites your passion and drives your musical journey. Rebels provides a supportive platform where your chosen genre isn't just acknowledged but celebrated. It's about immersing yourself in the music you adore, learning, growing, and sharing that passion within a community of like-minded musicians eager to explore and elevate their craft alongside you.

Taking the Next Step

Don’t let your musical aspirations linger. Whether you're a college student aspiring for a music career or a young adult in your 20s simply seeking the joy of playing in a band, Rebels serves as your launchpad. Bid farewell to conformity and embrace the celebration of your uniqueness here. At Rebels, we champion the musical individuality of all 20-somethings, including college students, providing a supportive platform within the Salem-Keizer community. Our diverse program offers something for everyone, irrespective of your musical background or aspirations. Join us today and take that decisive step toward nurturing your musical passion alongside a community that welcomes and celebrates the diversity of young musicians.

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RiverCity Different By Design

Welcome to RiverCity Rock Star Academy, where our music lessons transcend traditional teaching methods, blending skill development with real performance experience. Nestled in Salem, Oregon, our academy is renowned for imparting musical knowledge and cultivating performers and musicians ready to take the stage.


Unique Music Classes and Performance Opportunities: At RiverCity, we offer a one-of-a-kind experience through our 12-week music programs. These programs are a fusion of weekly band rehearsals and individual private music lessons in your instrument of choice. Whether you're learning guitar, drums, vocals, or any other instrument, you'll get personalized attention to hone your skills. But the performance aspect truly sets our programs apart – culminating in live music performances at local venues. Imagine showcasing your talent in front of friends and family, feeling the rush of a live audience – this is where our students truly shine and grow.


Comprehensive Music Education: Our music education philosophy is centered on learning an instrument and understanding and loving music in all its forms. Our experienced instructors, all passionate musicians themselves, guide each student through a journey in music theory, technique, and performance artistry. From children picking up an instrument for the first time to adults revisiting an old passion or refining their skills, our programs are designed to cater to all ages and skill levels. Our music lesson program is the cornerstone of the RiverCity difference. 


RiverCity Music Store: Our commitment to music doesn't end with education. RiverCity is also home to a vibrant music store, where we offer a wide range of musical instruments for sale. Whether you want to buy your first guitar or find the perfect keyboard, our store is stocked with quality instruments catering to every musician's needs.


Repair, Service, and Customization: In addition to sales, we specialize in instrument repairs, guitar servicing,  custom work, mods, pedal board setup, and amplifier and electronics repairs . Our in-house technicians, luthiers, and engineers use music lessons and are skilled in bringing your beloved instruments back to life, ensuring every string, key, and circuit works flawlessly. Trust us to provide top-notch repair and customization services that uphold the quality and integrity of your instrument.


Community Involvement and More RiverCity is deeply embedded in the Salem community. We proudly organize and participate in local music events, including Make Music Salem, a celebration that transforms our city into a vibrant music festival. This community spirit is reflected in everything we do - from our music lessons to our store services.


Whether you're here for music lessons, to buy a new instrument, or to get your guitar custom-fitted, RiverCity Rock Star Academy is your one-stop destination for all things music in Salem. Explore our unique programs, visit our store, and immerse yourself in a community that lives and breathes music.

At RiverCity Rock Star Academy, we're we're teaching music lessons; and building a community of musicians and music lovers. We never charge pointless registration fees, and we always offer family discounts. Now, with 25% off your first month of music lessons, now is the perfect time to join our family. Embrace your love for music, learn from the best, and become part of something special. Visit to embark on your musical journey today.