Advanced Music Instruction

RiverCity offers a wide array of Advanced Music Instruction designed for skilled musicians seeking to elevate their talent to new heights. Whether you're an expert vocalist, instrumentalist, or both, our exceptional instructors will challenge you to exceed your own expectations.

Immerse yourself in the guidance of renowned professionals like...

  • Kristi Snyder
  • Robert Stephens
  • and Brandon Logan

...who offer private lessons spanning a variety of instruments.

From guitar to piano, drums to saxophone, we have the expertise to cater to your musical journey.

Unlock the secrets of exceptional live sound and audio production with Doug Hoffman.

Enhance your rhythm and percussion skills with Tim Ward or Sean McLeod.

For the aspiring drummer, explore the world of beats with Kaylee Bonatakis.

Discover a world of musical possibilities with our distinguished faculty who have honed their craft in diverse genres. Whether you aspire to join a band, pursue a professional career, or simply want to evolve as a musician, our advanced collection will guide you towards your musical goals. Choose excellence. Choose our Advanced Weekly Private Lessons.

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