instrument repair

Even the best instruments need a little TLC sometimes

RiverCity Rock Star Academy is home to a exceptional instrument repair shop. RiverCity’s repair and service team is led by luthier Topher Rodriquez providing instrument setup, maintenance, and repair services. Topher has over 16 years of experience as a professional luthier and has worked as a touring pro-tech with bands such as Wolfmother, Cheap Trick, New Found Glory, and Seether.

Our team can tackle professional setups, vintage restorations, electronics overhauls, broken headstocks, and fretwork. Our customers can expect quick turn-around with exceptional attention to detail. We also offer products from such companies as All Parts, D’Addario, Emerson Custom Audio, Porter Pickups, Sunset Pickups, and much more.



We will restring your guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, violin, etc. as well as clean and polish.


We provide professional setups for your instrument including Floyd Rose systems.


Repair wood damage, finish cracks, and scratches and make your instrument like new again.


Complete a full refret of your instrument or fret level and dress repairs.


Install new pickups, repair jacks, fix loose wiring connections, or troubleshoot electrical issues.


Full setup of your pedalboard, your choice of cables, layout and power supplies.


Full detailed setup included to repair cracked and broken headstocks


Have an idea for a modification or need work on a special instrument? We can help.

E-mail us or fill out the contact for below to get more information or book your instrument in for service.

Instrument Repair Request

Tell us about your instrument set up and/or repair needs. Please include information about type of instrument, brand, model, etc. that might be useful.