Line 6 Spider V 120 MKII Guitar Combo Amp
Line 6 Spider V 120 MKII Guitar Combo Amp


Line 6 Spider V 120 MKII Guitar Combo Amp

Sale price$429.99 USD
Whether you like to plug in and rock a traditional amp tone, or enjoy tweaking parameters until you've devised an absolutely unique and awe-inspiring sound, the Spider V 120 MkII amp gives you the tools to create exactly what you want. Never settle. Own your tone!

Line 6 Spider V120 MkII Guitar Combo Amplifier Features
  • NEW Classic Speaker mode for organic sound and feel
  • NEW Artist, Iconic Song, and classic amp presets
  • 200+ amps, cabs, and effects
  • Tuner, metronome, jam-along drum loops, and 60-second looper
  • Built-in wireless receiver works with Line 6 Relay transmitters
  • Compatible with Line 6 FBV 3 Foot Controller
  • XLR direct stereo outputs for connecting to a sound system or mixer
  • USB interface and free Spider V Remote app (Mac, PC, iOS, Android) Recording on Android requires Android OS 5.0+ or newer with High Performance Audio enabled.
Classic Speaker mode provides an organic sound and feel, while all-new presets, including vintage amp presets voiced by a renowned tube-amp maker, and Artist and Iconic Song collections provide you with authentic building blocks from which to craft your sound into raging metal, ambient landscapes, chiming pop, or virtually anything you can conjure up. Whatever drives your creativity, the Spider V 120 MkII amp gets you there with all the ease or complexity that defines your personal musical mantra.