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Kickstart 2024 With Music - 25% Off Your First Month of Music Lessons

Kickstart 2024 With Music - 25% Off Your First Month of Music Lessons - RiverCity Rock Star Academy Music Store

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Save 25% Off Your First Month of Music Lessons

Kickstart your 2024 with a musical adventure at RiverCity Rock Star Academy! Whether you're a beginner or an aspiring musician, seize our special New Year offer – 25% off your first month of music lessons.

25% Discount Will Be Taken At Check Out On Music Lessons

adult music student playing saxophone
young child playing piano keyboard

Are you ready to embark on a musical adventure in the New Year? Whether you're picking up an instrument for the first time or looking to refine your skills, RiverCity Rock Star Academy is here to make your musical dreams come true. And now, we're offering an incredible deal to get you started: save 25% on your first month of private music lessons!

Why Choose RiverCity For Music Lessons?

At RiverCity, we believe that everyone has a musician inside them waiting to be discovered. Our experienced and passionate instructors are dedicated to helping you find your unique musical voice with our individualized private music lesson program. 

Here’s why our music school is the perfect choice for your musical education:

Personalized Music Lessons: Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, our music lessons are tailored to your individual skill level and musical preferences.

All Ages and Styles: We welcome students of all ages and offer music lessons in a variety of styles, from rock, pop, classical, musical theater, choir,  jazz, country, blues, folk, electronic, songwriting, worship, recording, and more through music lessons.

Experienced Teachers: Our instructors are not just teachers; they're experienced musicians who bring real-world experience to every lesson. They are probably performing somewhere today so they practice what they preach.

Supportive Environment: Join our community of music lovers where encouragement and support are part of every music lesson.

What’s Included in the Offer?

Our special promotion gives you a 25% discount on your first month of music lessons. 

One-on-One Attention: Get individualized instruction and progress at your own pace. We approach music lessons as not a one-size-fits-all. Everyone has different learning styles and needs and our teachers have the experience and tools to adapt to your own needs. 

Flexible Scheduling: We understand life is busy, so we offer flexible scheduling to fit music lessons into your routine.

No Registration Fees: Unlike many other music schools, we don't charge registration fees. We believe in transparent pricing without hidden costs. Why should you pay for adding your information to a computer?

Always Family Discounts:  We always give families a break on pricing. Every other music school talks about family until it we talk dollars and sense! Of course, you should get a break in pricing if you have more than one person from your family spending time with our music family.

Earn RiverCity Rewards for Muisc Lessons & Classes: We appreciate your business, and we want to reward you for your loyalty with discounts, coupons, gifts, and more.

Tell  A Friend Referral Program

Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase. You get $30 off coupon and they get a $30 off coupon good for guitar, service, music lessons, music classes, and more. 

Make the Most of This Opportunity
There’s never been a better time to start learning music or to take your skills to the next level. With our limited-time offer, you get exceptional value on top-notch music education.

Ready to Get Started?
Don’t wait – this offer is only available for a limited time. Sign up now to take advantage of this special deal on music lessons and begin your musical journey with RiverCity Rock Star Academy!

Embrace this opportunity to nurture your passion for music or to give the gift of music to a loved one. Remember, music education is more than just learning an instrument; it’s about growth, confidence, and the joy of expressing yourself. Join us at RiverCity and let the music play!

Find Your New Teacher For Music Lessons

Welcome to RiverCity Rock Star Academy, where our music lessons transcend traditional teaching methods, blending skill development with real performance experience. Nestled in Salem, Oregon, our academy is renowned for imparting musical knowledge and cultivating performers and musicians ready to take the stage.


Unique Music Classes and Performance Opportunities: At RiverCity, we offer a one-of-a-kind experience through our 12-week music programs. These programs are a fusion of weekly band rehearsals and individual private music lessons in your instrument of choice. Whether you're learning guitar, drums, vocals, or any other instrument, you'll get personalized attention to hone your skills. But the performance aspect truly sets our programs apart – culminating in live music performances at local venues. Imagine showcasing your talent in front of friends and family, feeling the rush of a live audience – this is where our students truly shine and grow.


Comprehensive Music Education: Our music education philosophy is centered on learning an instrument and understanding and loving music in all its forms. Our experienced instructors, all passionate musicians themselves, guide each student through a journey in music theory, technique, and performance artistry. From children picking up an instrument for the first time to adults revisiting an old passion or refining their skills, our programs are designed to cater to all ages and skill levels. Our music lesson program is the cornerstone of the RiverCity difference. 


RiverCity Music Store: But our commitment to music doesn’t end at education. RiverCity is also home to a vibrant music store, where we offer a wide range of musical instruments for sale. Whether you want to buy your first guitar or find the perfect keyboard, our store is stocked with quality instruments catering to every musician’s needs.


Repair, Service, and Customization: In addition to sales, we specialize in instrument repairs, guitar servicing,  custom  work, mods, pedal board set up,  amplifier and electronics repairs . Our in-house technicians,luthiers, and engineers, are skilled in bringing your beloved instruments back to life, ensuring every string, key, and circuit works flawlessly. Trust us to provide top-notch repair and customization services that uphold the quality and integrity of your instrument.


Whether you’re here for music lessons, to buy a new instrument, or to get your guitar custom-fitted, RiverCity Rock Star Academy is your one-stop destination for all things music in Salem. Explore our unique programs, visit our store, and immerse yourself in a community that lives and breathes music.


Welcome to RiverCity Rock Star Academy's World of Music


At RiverCity, located in the heart of Salem, we're more than just a music school; we're a musical haven where dreams are nurtured, and talents are honed. Our extensive music lessons program is designed to cater to everyone - from young beginners to adult enthusiasts and seasoned players.


Diverse Music Lessons and Programs Our music lessons are unique, encompassing a variety of styles and instruments. Whether it’s Rock, Country, Jazz, Metal, a cappella chorus group, or classical, musical theater, our curriculum is diverse and inclusive. We offer not only private music lessons but also special group classes and workshops that enable our students to experience music in a collaborative setting.


RiverCity's Performance-Driven Approach What sets our music lessons apart is our emphasis on performance. All music lesson students get the opportunity to perform at RiverCity recitals. Our performance based music classes take   local venues, showcasing their skills and learning the art of stage presence. These performances are not just recitals; they're real, live concerts that give our students a taste of a musician's life. Learn more about all of our performance based  music classes.


The RiverCity Music Store Our dedication to music extends to our RiverCity Music Store, a paradise for musicians. Whether you're in need of a new instrument, looking for quality repair services, or seeking customizations, our store and skilled technicians are at your service.


Community Involvement and More RiverCity is deeply embedded in the Salem community. We proudly organize and participate in local music events, including Make Music Salem, a celebration that transforms our city into a vibrant music festival. This community spirit is reflected in everything we do - from our music lessons to our store services.


At RiverCity Rock Star Academy, we're not just teaching music lessons; we're building a community of musicians and music lovers. With 25% off your first month of music lessons, now is the perfect time to join our family. Embrace your love for music, learn from the best, and become part of something special. Visit to embark on your musical journey today.